Sabrina from Small Caps asked me lots of questions about “Printing at home“, a beautiful series about creative print people without a studio. And I gladly answered of course with photographs and words.

John Coe from Pressing Matters Magazine asked if I wanted to join in the 2nd issue telling about my tools. Of course I wanted to be part of this beautiful print magazine:

My Tools.

Impossible, the company who saved taking Polaroids in the old fashioned way asked for entries for their project “101 Ways to do something Impossible“. I felt challenged to see art behind the famous instant photography rather than just taking snap shots. Two of my entries were chosen for being part of this ingenious book:

Jumping Nicky

Light it up and burn it down!

Mike Doyle asked me on flickr if I wanted to join his third Beautiful LEGO ® book WILD! Knowing the other books quite well I agreed of course. The result is a beautiful (sic!) book filled with MOCs* of “natural” Lego from all over the world.

*the term moc means my own creation. It was invented to define the difference between official Lego sets and fan’s creations.

Beautiful LEGO® Wild!

Reading Dreams.

Also on flickr I was asked by Chris Gatcum to be part of his plastic cameras book. I love taking photographs with simple analogue cameras and Chris is a brillant photographer as well. So yes, of course I wanted to be part of it.

Plastic Cameras

Along the Highway